360 Customer Views 11

360° Customer Views

Generate a Single Customer View across dispersed, diverse and non-unique customer data sets consisting of:

  • CRM and Sales transaction data
  • Marketing campaigns & promotions
  • Social interactions
  • Website Clickstreams
  • Historical data

Social Analytics

Use our Big Data solutions as-a-service to:

  • Measure and influence brand sentiments (example: NPS scores)
  • Use natural language processing (NLP) for Social Analytics
  • Identify up-sell and cross-sell opportunities
  • Measure campaign effectiveness
  • Hyper-personalize targeted marketing

Geo-spatial use cases

Examples of Time & Space use cases requiring Big Data solutions:

  • Effect of merchant marine traffic on commodities’ pricing
  • Optimize airport operations by analyzing passenger movements
  • Optimize flight connection times across billions of permutations and combinations
  • Weather-based decision models
  • Near-real time location-based marketing analytics

Finance & Insurance

Scale your systems to handle complex:

  • Actuarial Analysis
  • Underwriting and Claims Analysis
  • Risk Score modeling
  • Probability modeling of events
  • Analysis of customer feedback, social media and campaigns

Finance & Insurance 22

Reporting & Data Marts

Use our Big Data solutions to:

  • Reduce infrastructure and costs of your Data Warehouses
  • Power your reports with more frequently updated and flexible data marts
  • Optimize long-running, end-of-day type of jobs and run them more frequently

Predictive Analytics

Representative use cases:

  • Machine-learning based predictive modeling
  • Demand-supply forecasting
  • Making buy-sell recommendations
  • Decision support systems based on near real-time analysis and predicting future events

Academic Research 33

Academic Research

Support your academic research efforts with effective computations in:

  • Genetics and Biotechnology research
  • Complex mathematical and regression modeling (example: particle physics)
  • Social Sciences analysis
  • Accurately predicting astronomical events
  • Statistical and optimization problems

Internet of Things (IOT)

Our Big Data solution will efficiently allow you to process and report on data generated from machines:

  • GPS
  • RFID
  • Mobile and wireless devices
  • Sensors
  • Telematics

Security Log Analysis

Ever-increasing compliance, regulatory, and security monitoring requirements need:

  • Proactive review of trends in logs
  • Generating automated alert based on analysis of millions and billions of log records
  • Capture, filter, and report security events, outliers and anomalies from streaming network, application, and web logs

Healthcare Analytics

Use our Big Data Solutions as-a-Service for fraud analysis, outcome modeling, and healthcare recommendations, based on data about:

  • Patients and Demographics
  • Health conditions
  • Procedures
  • Drugs and Treatment plans
  • Providers

Healthcare Analytics 44