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Looking to seamlessly transform your Big Data assets into actionable insights or inject adrenaline into your data analytics with Machine Learning and AI?

Achieve all these and more with ClearFunnel.


Ever wanted to see your Big Data and Data Science solutions up and running within days and weeks (instead of months and years)?

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Get an incredible price-performance advantage and pay only for using the final, tested solution.

Move from large and risky Capex to low and steady subscription-based Opex for your Big Data solutions!

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Big Data Analytics “as-a-Service”: Incredibly priced and delivered FAST!

The Challenge:

It’s no secret that a majority of Big Data and Data Science investments fail to reach their goals.

To develop robust products using the power of Machine Learning and Big Data is a constant struggle, a complex web of:

  • Resource Challenges: Exotic technologies, infrastructure, and hard-to-find talent
  • Unacceptable risks and uncertain project outcomes
  • Large upfront costs with suspect ROI
  • Long project timelines
And, all of these persistent challenges compromise the goal to implement Advanced Analytics solutions in a reasonable time and cost.

The ClearFunnel Solution:

ClearFunnel provides turnkey solution as-a-service (SaaS) on low subscription fees for your custom Big Data Analytic needs, offering the following unparalleled benefits:

  • … the underlying Machine Learning and Big Data solution is implemented for your use case within 4 – 6 weeks,
  • … no upfront costs and no Capex or investment in resources required,
  • … the final solution has a very low total cost of ownership,
  • … Zero risk for our Clients – the risk of failure is borne by ClearFunnel, and
  • … you pay only for committed outcomes and performance of the solution.

This innovative approach shields you from the complexities of building and maintaining an enterprise-class Data Science and Big Data ecosystem, spending endless cycles evaluating best fit technologies with expensive consultants and tech stacks, and allows you to focus on what you do best – growing your business.

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Leadership Team



Rohit has a successful track record of growing greenfield IT services and product opportunities to $50+ Million portfolio in his prior roles.

He has pioneered and is now driving the adoption of a unique concept in Big Data Analytics services – end-to-end and turnkey Big Data and Data Science solutions “as-a-service” for client’s custom use cases on subscription-based, pay-for-performance model.

With a ‘client-first’ philosophy, he constantly endeavors to find innovative ways to simplify Big Data and Advanced Analytics solutions.

Rohit has a MBA from the Indian Institute of Management (IIM) Bangalore and a BS in Computer Science, Mathematics, and Statistics from Bangalore University.



Raj leads ClearFunnel’s Product Strategy and Solutions.

He is a seasoned Technology Leader with 20+ years of industry experience in Technology Leadership, Product Management, Enterprise Platform Architecture and Business Transformation leveraging IT as the change agent.

Raj has held Leadership roles across Product Development & Strategy, Technology Consulting, and IT Strategy and Governance, with a passion for building High Performance Teams.

He holds a Masters in Engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Madras.



Srini’s vision is to help companies maximize returns from their Data Science investments by building context-sensitive and turnkey analytics solutions.

He has a proven track record of designing data-intensive subsystems of flagship products for Fortune 500 companies spanning various industries like Retail, Risk, Legal and Entertainment.

Srini’s creative genius lies in masterminding and building scalable learning systems using applied Data Science, Data Architecture and Performance Engineering. A data logician at heart, he revels in creating distributed data fusion and data mining algorithms and custom mathematical models for machine learning and predictive analytics.

A proud engineer from BITS Pilani, Srini enjoys long walks in wilderness and his delicate dance with parenthood.

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