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Looking to seamlessly transform your Big Data assets into actionable insights or inject adrenaline into your data analytics? Achieve all these and more with ClearFunnel.


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Get an incredible price-performance advantage and pay only for using the final, tested solution. Move from large and risky Capex to low and steady subscription-based Opex for your Big Data solutions!

Big Data Solutions as-a-Service: Incredibly priced and delivered FAST

Driven by urgent need to monetize existing data assets, companies like yours are demanding end-to-end Big Data Solutions with faster go-to-market, instead of spending cycles evaluating best fit technologies with expensive consultants for implementing in-house applications.

ClearFunnel offers a fresh alternative with its Big Data Solutions “as-a-service” model, providing you with these unique benefits:

  • Turnkey solutions on low subscription fees (pay for performance).
  • Production launch your Big Data use case within 4 weeks!
  • With no upfront costs, you do not have to invest in any Big Data talent, technology, and infrastructure.
  • Zero risk with try-before-you-pay features and no long-term commitments.
  • Shields you from all the complexities of building and maintaining an enterprise class Big Data solution, allowing you to focus on what you do best – growing your business.

Read here what our clients are saying about our innovative subscription-driven Big Data Solutions to power their business ideas.

Big Data Solutions as-a-Service: Powerful, simple, and effective


ClearFunnel: Innovating to ensure success for your Big Data initiatives!

Your Big Data use cases: delivered blazing fast

From the time we get the details of your specific use case to providing a customized Big Data solution, you can literally count the days on your fingers.

We are able to deliver the results so fast by:

  • eliminating the complexities and the multiple layers of technologies which have otherwise crept into most IT solutions landscape,
  • using efficient algorithms, custom-built solution accelerators, and reusable code components on a high-performing Big Data hub, and
  • by leveraging Amazon Web Services’ elastic and secured cloud infrastructure – trusted by businesses worldwide.

One-stop, end-to-end Big Data Solutions

The ClearFunnel Advantage:

  • Get fully live Big Data solutions within days and weeks! Our typical projects go-live in 3 – 4 weeks’ time.
  • A turnkey Big Data solution as-a-service allows you to focus on growing your business instead of creating and managing a complex Big Data ecosystem.
  • Unbeatable price-performance advantage. Costs up to 1/5th the cost of in-house Big Data projects.
  • Move away from large and risky Capex on Big Data solutions to low and steady Opex with a flat subscription fee.